10 Questions to ask when choosing a chatbot

10 things to ask when choosing a chatbot

1. Authenticity

Did they build their software? Is it their own? Or are they pawning off free software solutions as their own and charging a premium for it? Many are!

2. Customised (AKA "Not from a template)

Is your bot built specifically to generate the maximum number of sales leads for your practice? Or is it a simple templated copy of others?

3. Support

What happens when you want to change something? Or worse, what happens if something goes wrong? Is there support? Is that support real-time or by email? How long before you can expect a response? Is there a limit on support? Do you have to pay extra for it? Are you dealing with a support team or a one-man band? A tinpot outfit? Or a proper software company?

4. Conversions & Reporting

How will you know you’re getting a return on your investment? Is there any reporting or way to track performance and conversions?

5. Optimisation

Does your bot get optimized over time feeding back industry data from hundreds of other practices to ensure your conversions are maximised?

6. Track Record

How many real customers do they have? Are you a test site for them? How long have they been a software provider? Are they even an software provider? Or do they have other businesses which distract them? Do they have any success stories or case studies? A website, even?

7. Data protection & storage

Who owns your data? Your visitors’ and customers’ data? and where is it stored? If they’re not an actual software, how does that work? Can your data be compromised or hacked? How secure is it?

8. One system

Are your enquiries held in one system or pushed between two or more third-party softwares? Who is responsible for making sure all your enquiries end up in the right place? You? Them?

9. Website performance

Does this bot slow down your website? Or adversely affect your SEO and Google page rankings?

10. Automation

Can you automatically and immediately respond to your prospects to ensure their enquiry is kept as warm as possible? Or does your prospect need to wait until someone’s next in your practice to hear back from you? How about after practice hours or on the weekend?

The long and short is, what is one sale worth to you? Is the small difference in cost really worth the risk of losing one sale you might have had? Or the time and aggravation of changing?

The biggest cost to your business isn’t your IT bill. It’s not winning that one sale you should and could have got.

Don’t let your business fall prey to marketing cowboys in it for a quick buck.

Unless you are satisfied with all ten questions, then why take a chance? If you have any questions for us or need any advice, we’re always here to help.

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