Customer success stories

Customer stories

Our customers love EnquiryBot for lots of reasons. For some, it's the great customer experience it delivers. For others, it's knowing how much revenue they can count on next month.

Creating seamless customer experiences at a friendly wedding venue

“Our EnquiryBot ‘Jo’ is a fantastic addition to our business. Within a month of going live, we generated over £400K of potential wedding bookings. It’s a super friendly way of engaging with couples who may be checking out our venue for the first time.”

Jo Newell
Wedding and Events Manager, Essendon Country Club
Hurlston Hall

When 5000% annual ROI in less than 3 months is just the tip of the iceberg…

At Hurlston, we know that EB has generated at least £35K of attributable revenue in just a couple of months. This represents an ROI in excess of 5000% so far...
Face medical clinic

Lessons from a Cosmetic Clinic: To Get Conversions, Always Show Your Best Self!

We’ve always had a ‘contact us’ page and form on the website. Since we integrated EB, the volume of enquiries we get through has doubled and now, over 80% of our enquiries come in via EnquiryBot...
AC Wilgar

Free up management time and increase enquiries

What I’ve noticed since we started using EnquiryBot is that it has really worked to help convert our online visitors through to enquiry. For example, we switched EB on at 1730 one Friday evening and on the Saturday morning we had 5 enquiries already waiting...

EnquiryBot works, even when your website isn’t performing

EB’s ability to engage visitors 24/7, 365 has been invaluable. Around 35% of our enquiries are generated outside of working hours and the enquiries go straight to the right people in our business...
Verulam Golf Club

Redefining great customer service at Verulam Golf Club

Leads started coming in as soon as we switched it on, without driving any additional visitors to the site. Within a week of 'Val' going live we noticed a huge influx of enquiries. Some weeks we’ve experienced a 350% increase compared to previous years.
Gap HR

Technology that looks great, stops time wasters and offers a better customer experience than live chat.

I’m a technology fan and rate EnquiryBot very highly. It’s fun, it’s slick and it looks great. EB collects useful information from enquirers as part of the process. Unlike live chat, this gives us time to reflect on what they’ve told us and respond effectively to it. In this respect, it’s also been a valuable tool when it comes to triaging and administering our inbound leads.
Beverly Park Golf Club

Web forms don't work. We use EnquiryBot

“Where customer service is concerned, EnquiryBot is like going from a 1-star to a 5-star hotel experience. It lets us serve our customers better and they get a better experience from using the technology. We’ve significantly increased both the volume of enquiries and our conversion rate. I can’t recommend EB highly enough.”