Frequently asked questions

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Will I be tied into a contract?

Absolutely not. EnquiryBot is a monthly subscription software. If you feel it is not working for you all you need to do is give 30 days notice.

Do you offer free trials?

Free trials are a common thing for do it yourself softwares. EnquiryBot is different. Our expert team analyse you website and build a custom built chatbot for you. This work is done upfront and we therefore cannot offer free trials on this basis.

How long will it take to build my bot?

The average bot build takes around 48 hours. More complex bots can take longer.

What kind of results can I expect?

Most customers see a significant increase in website enquiries. Most see from a few a few increase to a few a day. In numbers, you can expect around a 200% increase in enquiries!

What happens if I have more than 10,000 bot chats in a month?

Our team will be in touch when this happens and there will be a slight increase in the monthly fee for your data usage

Can I reply directly from the enquiry management system?

Absolutely. Unlink most chatbots that send data to a CRM or just the chat transcript, EnquiryBot have their very own Enquiry Management System where you can reply directly to the conversation. 

Can I change the questions my bot asks after it goes live?

For sure. Our team regularly reviews the performance of your bot and if you need any changes you can send them over to us and we'll take care of them for you at no additional cost.

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