The why behind

A letter from our Co-Founders, Elliot & John

Anyone who has ever run or worked in a small business will appreciate the unique joys this presents…

Communication across your smaller team is easier and quicker.

You enjoy a closeness to your customer which gets lost in bigger business.

You can be nimble and adapt quickly.

These are just some of the positives of running an SME. It can be the most rewarding job.

However, the negatives can be numerous too…

You usually have to do several different jobs.

You often learn skills you never really wanted to.

There’s Pressure…well let’s just say, you feel the pains of a lost sale, an unhappy customer or a resignation far more acutely than you would if you’re just a small cog in a big corporate

Often the negatives will outweigh the positives. Running a small business is tough. It’s no easy option. 

John and I both know this all too well because, between us, we’ve run and managed small businesses for a combined total of nearly 40 years.

And from our own experience, we can be pretty confident that three of the biggest challenges facing SMEs are:

  • making sales
  • getting (and staying) organised; and
  • keeping customers happy

In an increasingly complex and fast world this seems to be getting more and more difficult. 

Technology promised to solve this problem for us but, weirdly, it seems to be doing just the opposite. Sucking time and money and just adding to the pressure. 

This was WHY we developed EnquiryBot…to help those (poor souls), just like us, who run small businesses and who face this unique set of challenges.

Our WHY?

Running a small business is tough. Technology promised to make it easier but instead just added more confusion, expense and stress.

So, at EnquiryBot we develop software that’s simple-to-use, helping our customers make more sales, impress their customers and stop wasting time.

EnquiryBot exists because when technology is simple and gets results, no small business needs to fear getting left behind.

Our team

The EnquiryBot team are here to help you grow your business. They’re marketers, technologists and customer service experts who just love to see businesses succeed. Our team are based in 3 of our locations, Dublin Ireland, London and Bangalore, India.

Elliot Hamilton

Co-Founder & CEO

John King

Co-Founder &
Head of Product

Adam Smith

Director of Sales

Abhinav Utkarsh

Product Manager

Subhajit Mukherjee

Head of development

Hannah Landers

Business development

Robert Moran


Mohit Jain

Senior backend developer

Sathish Visanagiri

Chief Technical Officer

Colin Nunn

Chief Financial Officer

Sam Stone


Goutham Tulasi


Sanjay Musale

Senior front end developer

Dinesh Murali

Senior front end developer

Jaswinder Kaur

Front end developer


Senior backend developer

Bipin Balan

Senio UI/UX designer

Akash Talware

Front end developer


Backend developer


QA tester

About us

EnquiryBot™ is the original, all-in-one tool to help increase & manage sales enquiries from your website