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Our mission is to help SMEs fulfil their growth potential by supplying excellent, automated chatbot technologies that simplify and enhance direct to consumer sales via digital channels.

EnquiryBot is an advanced, automated chatbot and sales management system. With its enticing user interface, EB has been compared to a friendly online concierge or PA. It uses smart, conversational logic to develop a rapport with website visitors, helping signpost their options and gently nudging them through to enquiry, booking and purchase. 

For business owners and managers, EB is a low maintenance, high performing sales executive. It sticks to the script,  simplifies customer journeys and manages a high-quality, valuable brand touchpoint. Its digital performance is hard to match. Typically, EB will increase enquiries by at least 240% and return an annual ROI in around 4 weeks, with a very low cost per enquiry (CPE). It’s offered as a SaaS product and can be customised and deployed within 48 hours. 

Unlike similar technologies, EB processes pre-qualified enquiries via a management dashboard. This simplifies the sales pipeline and enables commercial teams to respond manually or automatically. There’s also a reporting suite and customer insight is processed alongside enquiries, helping teams to increase conversion rates and make more sales. EnquiryBot has advanced analytics capabilities and performance optimisation is offered as a service.

The EnquiryBot team

Are ready to help you grow your business. They're marketers, technologists and customer service experts who just love to see businesses succeed.

Elliot Hamilton Co-Founder & CEO
John King Co-Founder & COO
Adam Smith Director of Sales
Barney Larkin Marketing Director
Sathish Visanagiri CTO
Colin Nunn CFO

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