We like to think of Enquirybot as another member of your team without all the hassle of hiring another member of the team!

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Enquirybot is a monthly subscription starting from as little as a coffee a day. There are no tie ins or contracts.

Pricing depends on:

The volume of website traffic you receive
The complexity of the bot build

All our bots are custom built

Our skilled team of bot builders will create a customized bot tailored to your business. Rest assured, this won't be an ordinary off-the-shelf template!

5 star customer support

We are known for our world class support. Speak to a real human in plain English. See our reviews below!

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What our customers say

Enquirybot delivers results for a range of businesses around the world

4.9/5 (55)

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Enquirybot has helped boost data capture through our website significantly! I really like the fact that we can customisable the chat journeys on each page on our website which other bots couldn't facilitate.

James Eley


£400,000 of potential wedding bookings in a month!

Jo Newell


The EnquiryBot team have been amazing to work with and offer great ideas and solutions, nothing is ever a problem for them. As a business, we have experienced great interaction from people looking at our website and talking to our Bot! Would definitely recommend EnquiryBot as an alternative to engage users with your website and products! 😁

Aimee Longbottom


EnquiryBot generates soo many new patient enquiries that it pays for itself! Not only that but we are also receiving higher quality and more qualified patients on a daily basis.

Yogeeta Bawa

Time Clinic

The team at Enquiry bot are a great support. They're efficient, friendly and clear. Nothing is too much hassle and everything is explained in a way that's understood!!

Siobhan Brinicombe


We've more than tripled the number of sales enquiries!

Paul Keen


It's increased my Invisalign game 10 fold!

Dr. Chetan Sharma

CS Aesthetics

Questions you may have

Do I build the Enquirybot or do you do it for me?
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Enquirybot is a fully managed service meaning we do all the work for you. That includes any changes or optimisations you made need. We take care of all the tech so you can focus on closing all the leads you are going to get!

Can I hop in and take over like live chat?
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No. In fact, alot of customers have come to us to get away from live chat because it ends up being a strain on their resources and lacks the consistency of an intelligent chatbot like Enquirybot.

Will Enquirybot work for my business?
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The short answer is YES! If you are a business that relies on generating sales enquiries from your website or need to deflect customers so they don't contact your busy team, then YES, Enquirybot is ideal for you.

Do you offer free trials?
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Free trials are a common thing for do-it-yourself software. EnquiryBot is different. Our expert team analyse your website and build you a custom-built chatbot. As everything is custom built this work is done upfront and we therefore cannot offer free trials on this basis.

Will I be tied into a contract?
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Absolutely not. EnquiryBot is a monthly subscription software. If you feel it is not working for you all you need to do is give 30 days' notice.

What kind of results can I expect?
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Most customers see a significant increase in website enquiries.The increase is from a couple of enquiries a week increased to several a day.In numbers, you can expect around a 200% increase in enquiries!

What kind of support do you offer?
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Support is not just for the set up it is for the entire duration of being an EnquiryBot user. We are available to help with any ongoing bot changes and have an extensive help section within the system to support and walk you through making simple amendments.

What type of websites does it integrate with?
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Enquirybot can be integrated into any type of website including Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace. It's a simple as adding a 2 line code to your website.

How long will it take to build my bot?
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The average bot build takes around 48 hours. More complex bots can take longer.

Will I be tied into a contract?
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Absolutely not! Enquirybot is a paid monthly subscription.

Can I change the bot questions after it's live?
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For sure. Our team regularly reviews the performance of your bot and if you need any changes you can send them over to us and we'll take care of them for you at no additional cost.

Where do my leads go?
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Your enquiries are sent to you via email and are added to your enquirybot inbox where you can reply directly to the customer.

I'm building a new website should I wait?
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Absolutely not! You should add EnquiryBot to your current website even though you are in the process of creating a new website because it will still capture leads that otherwise you may have missed. In fact, we have had customers stop their website project as a result of the drastic improvement of leads on their existing site with Enquirybot on it!