Turn your website visitors into patients

EnquiryBot™ is the original, all-in-one Chatbot for cosmetic clinics to help increase & manage sales enquiries from your clinics website

Engage with more of your visitors 24/7, even when you’re not able

Help your team book more consultations for your treatments

More treatment enquiries

Cosmetic clinics using enquirybot on avg. get 240% more treatment enquiries than those who arent

Photo uploads

Save time and qualify enquiries by capturing patient photos right in the chatbot conversation

More consultation bookings

Because enquirybot pre qualifies your treatment enquries your team will book more consultations

One system to manage all

Get all your clinic enquiries in one place. No more multiple logins and softwares

Welcome your visitors just like you would in person

EnquiryBot™ is a chatbot for cosmetic clinics that automatically greets your website visitors in the same friendly way you’d do it in person.

Instantly ready to help 24/7

Acts like the perfect salesperson

Always perfect spelling and grammar

Convert more patients

All new enquiries are automatically sent via email to you and placed into our patient pipeline CRM, where you can easily track, manage and respond to them.

Supercharge enquiry numbers by at least 240%

Efficiently organise your patient consultations

Nurture each lead from enquiry to treatment

Save time & money

EnquiryBot™ chatbot for cosmetic clinics automates your enquiry process so you can serve more patients and increase treatment uptake.

Support your dental reception team

Pre-qualify and triage potential patients

Send automated follow-up emails to your patients

Real results with EnquiryBot ™

"the original" chatbot for cosmetic clinics

Hear for yourself how EnquiryBot is helping grow sales and save time for 100’s of businesses just like yours

EnquiryBot has increased my Invisalign enquiries 10 fold!

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Dr. Chetan Sharma

Clear Smile Dentists

Our sales enquiries have doubled in the first 30 days!

Deborah Vines

Deborah Vines

Face Medical Clinic

We used to get 1 enquiry a week. Now we get 3-4 a day!


Dr. Martina Hodgson

The Dental Architect

One place, not all over the place.

Manage all your practice enquiries in one place

Chatbot for Dental Practices
Chatbot for cosmetic clinics

Test our demo site

Get a feel for what EnquiryBot might look like on your clinics website by testing it out for yourself.

Chatbot for cosmetic clinics

The only tool you need to increase and manage all enquiries for your clinic

Our team of bot building experts will build a world class EnquiryBot for your website. 
Not only that, depending on the plan you choose you will get all this as well

Send enquiries to the right person

Automatically send the right enquiries to the right members of the team

Show the right message, always

Greet visitors with the right message depending on what they are interested in

No limits on users

No limits on your business as your team grows. Add as many users as you need

Sales pipeline boards

Drag and drop boards to visually track your enquiries every step of the way

Automated replies

Save time by automating replies to enquiries based on interest

Reply templates & file library

Remove repetitive work by sending templated replies and files

Task manager

Automatically send the right enquiries to the right members of the team

Automate repetitive things

Automate repetitive parts of your work with our easy to use automation builder

Social media integration

Connect your Facebook page and Instagram and reply to messages

Team Inbox

Reply and manage all your enquires in one team inbox. No more lost enquiries

Simple Reporting

Easy to understand reporting with the information you need to grow

100's of integrations

Send enquiries from EnquiryBot to 100’s of other systems and CRM’s

Or, if you're ready...

Get a demo of EnquiryBot™

2 options to suit your schedule

Personalised recording

Our team will record and send you a personalised video of what EnquiryBot will look like on your website.

1 on 1 demo call

On the demo call our team will answer any questions you may have and walk you through how EnquiryBot works.

About us

EnquiryBot™ is the original, all-in-one tool to help increase & manage sales enquiries from your website