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A word on pricing

Our customers normally recoup their annual EnquiryBot costs during their 30-day trial period...

"Our EnquiryBot 'Chloe' offers our online customers a great experience, getting them where they need to be, quickly. They appreciate the friendly way that EB engages with them. We can attribute at least £35K of revenue to EnquiryBot, representing a ROI of +5000% achieved in just a couple of months"
Lee Williams
GM, Hurlston Hall Golf & Country Club, UK
“Our stats say it all really. EnquiryBot engages 40% of the visitors on our site. In 3-months, we generated just over 1600 business enquiries. We had over 100 golf related enquiries, 500 enquiries for Health Club membership and 290 Spa enquiries, of which 200 were for treatments or spa days. It’s been game-changing.” 
Dean Bennett
Managing Director, China Fleet

EnquiryBot delivers value.

What do we mean by value?

If we can’t deliver value for your business, for whatever reason, then you shouldn’t pay. That’s straightforward and fair enough, isn’t it?.

Hopefully you’ll appreciate the FAQs below demonstrate our commitment to fairness, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us.


Getting EnquiryBot added to your website can take as little as 48 hours from the time you sign up.

You can sign up online and we’ll start building your bot right away based on what we know from your website, some questions we’ll ask you and our expertise.

As soon as you’re happy with what we’ve built for you, we’ll give you a couple of lines of code which need to be added to your website.

We’ll give you some helpful instructions and if you’re comfortable adding code to your website, it takes just a minute. Otherwise, it’s a quick and easy job for your website developer.

You (and your team) will need a bit of training on how to use the platform even though it’s simple and intuitive. You can use either online tutorials or if you prefer to arrange a video call, it takes between 30 mins and an hour in total.

Your first bill is raised (and payment is made) the day after we give you the code for your website. If you can get the code added quickly, that gives you a free day of enquiries 😉

You can pay either by Direct Debit through GoCardless or use Stripe for card payments. We’ll ask for payment details during the sign-up process but you will definitely NOT be charged before the first bill is raised.

If you decide at any point during the first 30 days that EnquiryBot isn’t giving you value or isn’t what you were expecting, we’ll refund what you paid for your first bill. No questions asked. No quibbles.

After 14 & 28 days we’ll review EnquiryBot’s performance and share a report which we can discuss with you. We’ll also recommend any changes we think could deliver even more value.

Your subscription runs for as long as you’re happy with EnquiryBot. Bills are raised on a monthly rolling basis so you’re not tied in to any long-term contract. 

That is, unless you want to take advantage of a discounted pre-paid 12-month rate.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Simply let us know at least 7 days before your next bill and we’ll stop future payments.

Your data is kept securely for up to 90 days after the contract ends, so if you change your mind or, if you want to download everything later, no problem.

No. All changes are included within your subscriptions. Some changes you can make yourself within the platform and others we’d have to do for you. Just let us know what you need changing and we’ll do what’s necessary within 48 hours.

If you find you need more advanced features or your volumes of conversations are higher than the limit included in your package, you can purchase a monthly “Power Up” to handle your greater needs. You can buy these as and when you need them and upgrade and downgrade any time.

We bill in local currency including US, CAN, AUS and NZ dollars, as well as Euros and £ GBP. 

Yes, absolutely, if you’re a registered charity or you can demonstrate that your business primarily promotes sustainability, we’ll support you with a discount. Get in touch to discuss.

No. Your monthly subscription is set the day you sign up – regardless of whether our prices go up over time. So, the price you pay on your first bill is the price you’ll pay for as long as you continue to subscribe.